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Catering Exclusive! Executive Set Meals and Merienda Trays

Merienda Delights

At Iba Pa

Pancit Luglog

P 325
Via Mare's inimitable pasta delight of rice noodles with luscious shrimp sauce and savory topping

Bam-I Guisado

P 305
Mungbean and egg noodles sauteed with shrimp, pork, and Chinese chorizo

Dinuguan At Puto

P 275
Hearty pork blood stew served with steamed rice cakes

Arroz Caldo

P 265
Savory rice porridge with choice of chicken (plus P10) or goto

Lugaw Toppings

P 310
Rice porridge topped with adobo flakes, salted duck egg, crisp tofu, pork kilawin, fried wonton, garlic flakes, and spring onions


P 275
Egg noodles with shrimp, squid balls, and pork liver

Tokwa't Baboy

P 245
Fried Tofu and boiled pork in garlic-soy vinaigrette

Sari Saring Kakanin

Native Delicacies


P 195
Via Mare's Signature Bibingka Galapong, with Laguna Cheese and Salted Duck Egg. With Queso De Bola, add P 15

Bibingka Cassava

P 125
Baked Cassava pudding topped with coco cream custard

Guinataang Halo Halo

P 165
Taro, purple yam, and sweet potato, stewed in rich coconut cream with rice dumpling, plantain banana and jackfruit

Puto Bumbong

P 125
Classic Puto Bumbong. With grated cheddar cheese add P30. With Queso De Bola add P40


P 105
Poached rice patties with grated coconut and toasted sesame seeds

Puto Maya

P 255
Glutinous rice steamed with coconut cream. Served with ripe mango

Grilled Pandesal

Merienda Delights

Laguna Cheese

P 235
Farmer-style with white cheese

Queso De Bola

P 295
Slices of mild tasting and slightly nutty Edam cheese

Corned Beef Saute

P 275
Sauteed with red onions

Crispy Vigan Longanissa

P 295​
Lean, garlicky pork-meat flavored with freshly cracked black peppercorns


Delightful, hearty meals served anytime.
Fresh eggs served any style, with garlic fried rice, and atchara upon request

Tinapang Bangus​

P 365
Tasty pan-fried boneless smoked milkfish

Crunchy Boneless Dilis​

P 325
Golden fried anchovy fillet ​

Spicy Tuyo Flakes​

P 275
Spiced dried herring in olive oil with garlic and spices ​

Crispy Adobo Flakes​

P 395
Shredded pork adobo, toasted to the right combination of chewy and crisp perfection ​

Chicken and Pork Adobo​

P 395
Chicken or pork belly or a combination of both, slowly cooked in soy sauce and vinegar with garlic and bay leaf ​

Pork Tocino​

P 365
Moderately sweet, thinly sliced cured meat in pineapple marinade ​

Corned Beef Saute​

P 345
Corned beef flakes sauteed with red onions ​

Sirloin Tapa​

P 395
Sirloin marinated garlic, salt, and pepper ​

Vigan Longanissa​

P 395
Crispy fried lean, garlicky pork meat sausage flavored with freshly cracked black peppercorns and lightly soured sukang Iloco ​

Mainit Na Sabaw

Hot and Hearty Soups

Sinigang Na Hipon​

P 420
Fresh shrimps in tamarind broth with vegetables​


P 585
Hearty Soup of beef shank and bone marrow (good for 2)​

Pancit Molo​

P 265
Soup of stuffed noodles with shrimp, pork, chicken, and ham (good for 2) ​

Tiyan ng Bangus Sinigang Sa Miso​

P 365
Milkfish bellies in sour broth with soybean paste and mustard leaves (good for 2) ​

Sinigang na Karne​

P 585
Cured beef short ribs and brisket in tamarind broth with vegetables (good for 2) ​

Monggo Soup​

P 265
Favorite comfort soup of mung bean with ampalaya leaves served with shrimps and chicharon (good for 2)​

Sari Saring Kanin

Flavorful Filipino Rice Dishes

Calcag Rice​

P 265
With sun-dried shrimps, bagoong, and scrambled eggs ​

Tuyo Fried Rice​

P 275
With dried fish flakes and scrambled eggs ​

Fiesta Rice​

P 325
With adobo, salted eggs, and tomato ​

Masaganang Tanghalian

Hearty Luncheon Treats


Crispy Pata​

P 965​
Fried to perfection, served with green mango-turnip relish (good for 2)​

Inihaw na Liempo​

P 355
Grilled country style pork belly ​

Crispy Pork Binagoongan​

P 405​
Crispy pork bellies with sauteed bagoong


Kare Kare​

P 535​
Ox tripe and ox tail in peanut annatto sauce, served with bagoong alamang. Good for 2, and served with 1 rice​

Beef Kaldereta​

P 535​
Beef stew in rich tomato sauce. Good for 2, and served with 1 rice​


P 535
Diced beef tenderloin in spicy sauce ​

Arroz Ala Cubana​

P 380​
Ground beef cooked in sofrito, with raisins and snow peas. Served with fried egg and plantain

Sundried Crispy Tapa​

P 375​
Sun dried beef sirloin, a tasty and delicious alternative to the traditional Filipino fare​


Inasal Na Manok​

P 255​
In skewers. Garlic-Annatto roast chicken served with Sinamak dip​


Tiyan ng Bangus Bistek​

P 405​
Pan-fried milkfish bellies in soy-calamansi sauce, topped with roasted onion rings. Served with fried vegetable spring roll

Rellenong Bangus​

P 665​
Stuffed whole milkfish with savory tomato sauce (good for 2)​

Tortang Alimasag​

P 285
Crabmeat omelette served with fried vegetable eggroll ​

Pinais Na Alimasag​

P 465​
Blue crab shell stuffed with crabmeat and young coconut, cooked in coco cream, served with Bagoong Balayan Rice​

Pinalutong na Tilapia​

P 375​
Deep fried to a golden crisp, served with soy calamansi dip and sisig sauce​

Adobong Pusit​

P 380​
Baby Squid stewed in garlic, soy sauce, vinegar and bay leaves​

Ensalada At Gulay

Native salads and vegetables

Lumpiang Ubod​

P 185​
Spring roll of hearts of palm with pork and shrimps. Add P10 if fried

Ensaladang Pako​

P 285​
Healthy and fresh bunches of crisp fern leaves with tomatoes, salted egg, and shrimps with a simple refreshing vinaigrette ​

Ensaladang Suha at Labanos​

P 255​
Pomelo-radish salad ​

Rellenong Talong​

P 255​
Broiled eggplant stuffed with sauteed ground pork and pan-fried beaten eggs ​


P 295​
Squash, beans, okra, eggplant, and leafy green vegetables with shrimps and clams in an earthy vegetable broth ​

Ensaladang Bagnet​

P 260​
Crispy roasted pork with mustard leaves, tomatoes, and shallots in calamansi and bagoong dressing ​

Oyster Specialties

Freshly Shucked Oyster

Oyster on Half Shell​

P 410​
Succulent fresh oysters, served with classic cocktail sauce and lemon wedges ​

Baked Oyster Platter​

P 590​
A sampler platter of our best selling flavors: Boursin, Parmesan, Rockefeller ​

Oyster Boursin​

P 485
Creamy three cheese blend, garlic and herbs

Oyster Parmesan​

P 485​
Toasted crusty Parmesan Cheese, garlic and butter ​

Oyster Nagano​

P 485​
Whipped Japanese Mayonnaise, with mild Wasabi Tartare ​

Oyster Rockefeller​

P 485​
Creamy three cheese blend, spinach and bacon bits ​

Mga Pampalamig

Cold Refreshments


P 185​
Refreshing combination of Halo-Halo, Mais Con Hielo, and Guinomis ​

Halo Halo​

P 165​
A melange of sweetend frits, yams, pulses, and egg custard with milk, crushed ice. With ice cream add P55​

Mais Con Hielo​

P 125​
Cream-style corn with milk and shaved ice ​


P 140
Sago, pinipig, gulaman, at gata ​

Chilled Buko​

P 105
Chilled whole young coconut ​


P 105
Tapioca Pearls in caramel ice

Ice Cream​

P 70
Ube or Macapuno (per scoop)


Hope In A Bottle

P 50


P 40

Freshly Squeezed Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh Juice

P 140
Choose between mango, watermelon, pineapple, carrot, calamansi, melon, dalandan, green mango

Fresh Orange Juice

P 155

Fresh Apple Juice

P 155

Buko Pandan Scramble

P 120

Fresh Milk

P 70

Hot Tea

P 70

Iced Tea

P 70

Spanish Style Chocolate

P 90


P 50
Ginger Brew


Hot Brewed Coffee

P 80

Hot Brewed Decaffeinated​

P 95

Hot Espresso

P 100

Hot /Cold Cafe Au Lait​

P 100

Hot / Cold Latte​

P 110

Hot / Cold Mocha​

P 115

Hot / Cold Capuccino​

P 110


Executive Set Meals & Merienda Set Trays

Not available in any of our restaurants, this exclusive online-only offer from our catering kitchen features some of our best-selling catering dishes freshly prepared in boxed meals or in set trays. A perfect and quick solution for bulk orders of special gatherings and corporate meetings.

Executive Set Lunch

Menu 1

P 580 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Fillet of Pacific Bass with Roasted Sesame Sauce
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Maple Roasted Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Chocolate Fudge Cake

Menu 2

P 580 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Pescado Ajillo
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Sauteed Julienne Vegetables
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Fudge Brownies

Menu 3

P 550 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Roast Chicken with Mango-Anise Sauce
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Garlic Glazed French Beans, Carrots, Radish
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Fudge Brownies

Menu 4

P 690 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Maple Glazed Roast Chicken
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Assorted Roasted Vegetables
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Bread & Butter Pudding

Menu 5

P 550 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Slow Roasted US Beef Brisket with Fresh Mushroom Gravy
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Maple Roasted Carrots
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Bread & Butter Pudding

Menu 6

P 690 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Braised Beef Orientale
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Pomelo Radish Salad
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Bread & Butter Pudding

Merienda Set Trays

Good for 10 persons

Menu 1

P 4200
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Bam-I Guisado with Chorizo
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Fresh Lumpia Ubod
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Grilled Pandesal (Laguna Cheese & Adobo)
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Palitaw
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Bibingka Cassava

Menu 2

P 4300
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Arroz Caldo topped with : Adobo Flakes, Fried Wonton, and Tofu
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Grilled Pandesal (Kesong Puti)
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Palitaw
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Cassava Bibingka

Menu 3

P 5200
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Pancit Luglog
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Tokwa't Baboy
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Fried Lumpia Ubod
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Grilled Pandesal (Laguna Cheese & Vigan Longaniza)
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Bibingka Galapong
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Puto Bumbong

Packed Heavy Merienda

Menu 1

P420 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Pancit Luglog
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Tokwa't Baboy
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Fried Lumpia Ubod
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Grilled Laguna Cheese Pandesal
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Cassava Slices

Menu 2

P440 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Pancit Luglog
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Fried Chicken Wings
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Grilled Kesong Puti Pandesal
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Palitaw

Menu 3

P420 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Pancit Palabok
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Pork Shanghai
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Laguna Cheese & Longaniza Pandesal
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Bibingka Galapong

Light Morning and Afternoon Snacks

Menu 1

P220 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Mini Sandwiches - includes Chicken Orange Cubes, Tuna Rounds, and Cheese Pimiento Triangles
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Cinnamon Rolls

Menu 2

P220 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Chicken & Mushroom Turnover
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Honey Glazed Doughnuts

Menu 3

P220 per set
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Adobong Kesong Puti Rolls
  • Via-Mare-Star-copy.svg Mini Chicken Empanaditas


Soda/Juices In Can

P 70

Bottled Water

P 50

Order Catering Exclusive